Player mimi0057 posted a message on 09/06 00:30 on the MadLotto Forum: Thank you, thank you for all your heart.. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Thank you, thank you for all your heart.
09/06/2008 00:30:13

Bold textwrite icimerci in madwin for the qlq gift box I have won since the beginning of the year a box dvd a digital frame a barbecue and a ,pancake ,and a blender kenwoode qlq cheque for 20 euro now my dream would be to win the kenwood to make the cakes lol sa made 20 years mine of nothing ke I dreamed me helas never had I have not many means mm here p play 300 euro per month p live c tt helas mé bon in fact with thanks p tt your site and super brvo continue to make rever reversible kisses to all the team of madwin mimi(rose)(rose)(rose)B)

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