Player vicky92 posted a message on 06/10 13:16 on the MadLotto Forum: JR vicky92 October links. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :JR vicky92 October links
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06/10/2017 13:16:24


Change of month, change of JR links for those who will help me:




I am aware that it is less practical than clicking on the links of the wall ... but it is due to a reinforcement of my punishment 😎

Do not forget that I will not necessarily validate the day of your help, so thank you for helping me only when you have your index of the day.

Thank you again for your solidarity 😂😂😂

(written on 06/10 at 13h16)

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06/10/2017 15:19:59

Hello ! It does not work ! I can not click on your links 🙁

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06/10/2017 16:37:07

I put my links on fb and I do not need to change them every month for it to work anyway 😉

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06/10/2017 18:18:45

cuckoo and big kisses my islands mouse. Too much help today ??? Good luck 🌹🌹🌹😗😗😗

Top poster
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06/10/2017 20:05:05

good evening vicky92 :)

your links do not work 🙁 (few you give them back thanks!
kisses 🌹

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07/10/2017 15:39:06

Thank you kind Vicky for 500 points that you offered me
I hope that solidarity will work. Kisses

Cosette the links are not clickable

but you click left to highlight the link
(the only link with the word "quoverbis" or "cadovillage" in front!)
and then right click and you go to "Go to"
I hope I helped you

Have a nice day 🙋

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08/10/2017 17:30:01

cosette for me it works! you have to highlight from http then right click and it should work
Good end of Sunday

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09/10/2017 10:23:04

Hello to all

for me it does not work nothing is highlighted
tried with google chrome and mozilla
sorry vicky92 and besides I do not have facebook

have a good day


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09/10/2017 12:28:29


Thank you for your solidarity! 👏

Currant: everyone knows it but that did not stop them from deleting my post! I'm waiting for explanations about this 😎

Sorry for the manipulation. to do to help me as much as when I wrote the post, they were well in "blue" (directly clickable) and it weirdly disappeared during the publication ...

I'm also waiting for the SC to tell me where WM says, that "it's forbidden" to post on the wall the JR links of another nick !!!

Thank you again for your help.


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09/10/2017 16:56:54


Thank you Mado for your help, you're right here it works 😉 except that I'm told that I've already helped vicky92


in any case thank you to all for all your help :))

🙁y): 🙁y): 🙁y): 🌹🌹🌹 🙁y): 🙁y): 🙁y):

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