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Subject :New Version and Old Jack App
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19/03/2016 18:58:47

Hello everyone !

I invite you all to discover our new version of the OldJack Treasure available in Classic Games, Challenges and Tournaments on MadWin, CadoVillage and QuoVerbis.
For MadWin:
For CadoVillage:
For QuoVerbis:
The game, renamed for the occasion simply 'Old Jack', is in beta now so do not be too severe if you discover bugs: s

However, we would be very grateful if you did not go back all the bugs encountered: a gesture in Points for the feedback of this beta will be systematically done :)

Among the many new features of this version:
- 130 levels to discover!
- Bonus Items to board for each Game Part (excluding Challenges and Tournaments)
- A Google Play App and App Store to discover in a few days: D

We all hope that the game will please you :)

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