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Subject :Mission Raptor: new version!
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27/03/2013 12:17:04


We have a surprise for you!
A brand new version of Mission Raptor will arrive tomorrow and it will all interest you (and I said all)! I still have a little suspense?

Important info for those who currently have tokens: if you do not use them in the current version, they will be automatically converted when switching to the new version because the system will change. But there will be no loss so you can keep them or use them now depending on your preference. For those who have a current click on the Raptor Game: the current Grid will continue normally until it is drawn, and then a new version will appear!

Get ready!
Good games!

The Web'

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28/03/2013 17:15:28

Hello, Mission Raptor 2 is online!

Big news: you can now play with your Free Games!

The principle of the game does not change, however the gains and costs in Credits and Points have been revised downward to allow everyone to play!
Wheel Ride is now only 1 token!
You receive 3 Bonus Tokens for 6 Credits (12 Passes on CadoVillage) purchased.
To play with your free games, it's simple: you convert your coins into chips directly on the game (7 games for 1 token)!

The maximum gain on the Raptor Game will increase to 1000 Euros ... but only when the current grid is over. And since there are 6 slots on the Raptor Game Grid, you all have a unique opportunity to win 5000 Euros!

Only one thing to add: good games!

The Web'

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29/03/2013 15:48:54

don't forget to click on free game before playing to convert free games to tokens!

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29/03/2013 23:51:19


we detected a big mistake in the Colonel's Game on Mission Raptor 2, now corrected error ... And that I must explain of course! As you know, we have reduced the "cost" of access to the game to make it accessible to all, including via Free Games. Logically, the gains have also decreased in order to remain proportional. But, we have now detected an error in the game of Colonel which made that many of you could, because of our mistake, continue to play on the old version of the Colonel, become very advantageous shot! We corrected this error tonight, since we could not of course maintain this imbalance. For those of you who have benefited from this error, you obviously keep your winnings (too bad for us!). By cons, we had to reset the Colonel Games for the same players who would currently have a game in progress. We are sorry for this "bug" and we are at your disposal if you have questions!

Good games everyone!
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