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Subject :Cash Cube Extension
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18/01/2011 21:22:51

Hello everyone !

As you can see in a few minutes on MadWin, QuoVerbis and CadoVillage, the Cash Cube Game is extended until 09/02 at 17:00.

This report, which for many will be bad news, is accompanied by some very good news! Indeed, we are aware of the disappointment of all in the face of this postponement and your expectations for the next Game of the Month or Game of Three Months, to quote some of you:

- Many of you have already reproached us, the Progressive Check of 5,500 € has not yet won on the Wheel. The statistical model that was to award this check was undoubtedly a failure and we decided to put the amount of this check into play in the form of 3 ranks of winnings for a Cash Cube Raffle. Every spin played by members MadWin, QuoVerbis and CadoVillage who participated in Cash Cube since its launch until 09/02 gives and will be entitled to a raffle ticket. The first player drawn will win a check of € 3,500, the second a check of € 1,500 and the third a check of € 1,000 for a global prize of € 6,000. The draw will take place on 11/02 at night. An example: if you have made 25 Cash Cube Wheel throws since the 11/10, this entitles you to 25 tickets for the Cash Cube Raffle. But you can still earn more. All you need to do is continue playing Cash Cube until 2/9 5pm!

- Starting tonight (ie 18/01), the Cash Cube Progressive Check is replaced by an endowment of 100 € to be won in the Check segment once a day. In other words, every day from 18/01 to 09/02 included, a check of 100 € will be won on the Wheel. A global allocation of € 2,300.

Excellent luck to all!

The next Game of the Month will have some very nice surprises too!

Good game everyone !

The Web'

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18/01/2011 22:22:31

Good evening web 🙋

Nothing surprising, I was expecting extensions 😎

You can quote me for the game of three months, indeed I was I think one of the first to criticize and it does not bother me at all 😎 Better a sincere criticism than a false criticism 😎

Thanks anyway for keeping us informed even if the information arrives anyway with delay the day before the old planned 🤕

Good evening and good luck to all 🎤

Date of message edition18/01/2011 23:19:25

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18/01/2011 23:44:55

Good evening,
I too was expecting an extension.
What I do not appreciate is the incessant change according to the wishes of this or that, this or that of the forum says "ah yeah, it does not suit me".
In general, the adjustments are made according to the criteria of the majority forum, great mouths

Blocked Member
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19/01/2011 02:35:17

It's nice to see such a decision, I do not regret having stopped early December or even before, when I saw the turn of the game, you were taken for cash cow, a shame because I think so much good of madwin since the revival of September .....

Hoping that Web you will read my message, because we want the return of the Chrono with cash 20/50 Minimum it is over 1 year it has disappeared so a return would be a return of the old and especially given what you offer bonuses etc that would remain in the same budget put into play

Good game

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19/01/2011 09:16:45


or can we consult the number of "tickets" for the cashcube raffle that we own ???

Personally, I am very disappointed that the game is extended, but hoping that the next will be more interesting 😂

I offer you all a 🍸 for this day ...

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19/01/2011 10:59:24

Hello everyone
all in all, it is not worse than the draw.
that said it would have been better to have 1 winner of 2000 euros (for example) and several winners of 500 euros (always for example) lol
i hope to be one of those winners hihihi l hope live
what I have the right to dream
on those good day everyone and especially good luck

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19/01/2011 11:08:42

Hello Web,

First of all, I would like to say that the critics of the Cash Cube game on the forum could be justified if nothing had been done. I find that the principle of the raffle is a good thing because it leaves a chance to everyone and gives more chance to players who have invested a lot in this game: it seems right!

I wanted to know how we could see the total number of raffle tickets we have acquired since the beginning of the game.

Thank you for your reply.
Best regards.

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19/01/2011 12:12:07

Wouldn't it rather be the 4-month game???? :D

Top poster
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19/01/2011 14:25:24

This raffle can it spoil the same player for each level or it is put out of play so that everyone is a semblance of luck?

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19/01/2011 18:38:59

Hello ! 🙋🙋

Yes indeed I should have specified it in my message to the origin.
It goes without saying that a player can not win more than one prize at this raffle: there will be 3 separate winners for this Cash Cube Raffle.

Good game everyone !

The Web'🌹

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