Player webmaster posted a message on 02/11 16:56 on the MadLotto Forum: New CASH CUBE: At least one winner every hour!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :New CASH CUBE: At least one winner every hour!
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02/11/2010 16:56:21

Hello 🙋

Another novelty on Cash Cube!
From now on, at least one Cash, Cash Max or Bonus Labyrinth will be won every hour on the Wheel!
A meter will always show you the maximum time remaining before the next winner!

This counter (which the "veterans" know well!) Takes the place of the Progressive Check which was proposed on the Wheel.
By the way, since the check in question had not been won yet, we will re-distribute it in the form of Cash Cube chips to those who participated in the game. You will be kept informed via the Customer Service.

Good games!
The Web'

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02/11/2010 17:02:49

I do not understand everything ... I played around 16:30 today and I had the chance (or maybe not ...) to fall on the famous progressive check that posted 2,000 euros.
Am I to understand that it was a false joy?

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02/11/2010 17:08:41

Hello web 🙋

I'm starting to understand why yesterday with only 560 chips I get to box 63 of the labyrinth. And in the process, I transformed my 560 credits in chips and there is not even a cash, only crumbs of points and a throw of dice 😈

Bravo for injustice 😈

Have a nice day 🎤

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02/11/2010 18:09:42

It happens the chips to quote the web 😵

Hello 2loup1,

We are pleased to offer 150 tokens to Cash Cube following the changes that will affect the game, including the removal of the progressive check.
We therefore distribute the value of this check between all of our players who have participated in Cash cube since it went online.

Good luck!


the MadWin Team

50 rounds only 😀😀

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02/11/2010 20:44:18

Hoping that it will not be systematically in the last 5 minutes but in a totally random way.

For my part, I received only 50 tokens

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02/11/2010 21:47:33

Hi claudie 🌹

In my opinion they have been attributed to the number of credits that each player has bought 😎

Have a good evening 🌹

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03/11/2010 00:19:51

Almost 540 credits for my part, I said credit and not turn

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03/11/2010 01:10:49

Ah very big return of the Chrono, here is something that delighted me enormously

The Chrono all a story between him and me

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03/11/2010 10:29:25

I just hit dozens and dozens of rounds and still only points, points and once I hit the labyrinth box, 1 unfortunate roll of dice and 10 000 points won, pretty good this time j 'really give up, because the 20 points are tired, we only see that, go good luck to others and I prefer to keep my credits, good day🌹

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03/11/2010 15:26:18

Hello web 🙋

Why a difference in points between players? ?

Can we have an explanation?

Have a nice day 🎤

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