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Subject :CASH CUBE: What's new!
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25/10/2010 19:17:17

Hello 🙋

New on Cash Cube!
From now on, the arrival of the Labyrinth allows you to win 150 Euros (instead of 50!).
You can of course keep your check or exchange it for a click in the Cash Cube to win up to ... 3000 Euros (and not 2000)!

PS: for technical reasons, some images are not yet updated.

Good games!
The Web'

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25/10/2010 19:27:07

No new features. The amount of the final gain changes. It's not the first time.

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26/10/2010 00:10:17

No news. The amount of the final gain changes. This is not the first time.

Hello 🙋

Totally agree with you jpm50 🙁y):

It's good Madwin you've already done it 😈

The next of this style is when? 😀😀

Have a nice day 🎤

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