Player thebors posted a message on 02/03 17:59 on the MadLotto Forum: To Confirm to Confirm..... Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  To Confirm to Confirm....
10/03/2007 04:28:04

Happy winner 😉

08/03/2007 19:19:21

K thank you for your answer, I look forward to this mp3! bezel: bezel

07/03/2007 19:00:44

Hello again! My divx drive was sent as agreed on Monday and I have already received it, what a speed!

Do you think my mp3 player will be sent before Friday? Because I would really like to have it for the beginning of next week ( to offer it...)

Please answer as soon as possible! Good evening to all 😃

07/03/2007 19:16:47

A priori: yes

03/03/2007 10:36:19

Yes it is true that I forgot that most Prizes are sent extremely quickly on this site and I thank you for it because on other sites it is not always the case!

Thank you for your answer (very complete!)

MadWin, one site recommended!

02/03/2007 19:40:35

Hello thebors,

First of all I think it's good to report that you regularly receive all your Prizes in a few days!

When the delay is a little longer than these "a few days", it simply means that we no longer have the prize in stock, but it only adds a few more days to the wait, until we are delivered ourselves.

There is indeed a prize (mp3 player) that you won on February 18th and that you will receive very soon, probably within a week (our supplier is shipping them to us). As for the DVD player, we received a lot of it today, so yours will be in the next shipment on Monday.

You are a faithful winner (and I congratulate you on that!), so you know that we are quick to send Prizes, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about!

Good games!

The Web'.

02/03/2007 17:59:39

Hello to all of you now 12 days ago that some of my cados (mp3...ect) are validated ! but since then nothing has changed!

Do you know when you're going to send them to me?

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