Player taureau62 posted a message on 05/01 13:38 on the MadLotto Forum: but why........(sniffing). Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  but why........(sniffing)
05/01/2007 20:47:58

Try with other web browsers at any hazard.
Firefox, Opera...

or if it really doesn't work, try it on a friend's computer or go to an Internet café.

05/01/2007 17:13:46


due to the Christmas holidays, Customer Service processing times are longer.
Don't worry, you'll get an answer very soon!

The Web'.

05/01/2007 13:38:31

Hi everyone I bought credits by sms and when I enter the codes I received where I need to, nothing happens ( I have disabled popup blocking) I sent a message to customer service it is now 4 days and they have not replied to me......

thank you in advance to those who answer me and help me to solve my problem

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