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Subject :Credits
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28/05/2007 11:32:34

write here CoUcOuu everyone !!!
I just registered on madwin I think it's great but I didn't understand the credit system !!! someone could explain to me?? thank you !!!!

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03/06/2007 10:07:35

Hi audrey

Credits can be used to buy an extra part (which earns a lot more points)

Or they can serve you to make sperm whales, buy a party time etc ...

Have a good day

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04/06/2007 20:58:41

audrey26091 wrote:
write here CoUcOu everyone !!!
I just registered on madwin I think it's exellents but I did not understand the credit system! could someone explain to me ?? thank you !!!

Buy credits and win various gifts if luck is with you 🙁y):

Good night

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