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Subject :actual earnings
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10/04/2010 06:49:12

I'm advocating that Madwin no longer convert us the real points at games, for example:if you win 310pts at a game you actually win 310 because other gaming sites do and they have never had any problems;besides in the scratch games on madwin you win the scratched points there is no conversion so it has to change so that everyone will be happy and moreover no risk of decrease of madwin points since the score done will be real ,this conversion of points is illogical ,cadovillage,quoverbis and madwin are managed together and they are the only ones to convert the points actually won,and moreover we may be able to access gifts more easily

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12/04/2010 10:48:12

totally agree to have the actual points earned at the games which would be quite logical compared to scratch sioux eg where we earn the real points, there is no conversion, hope that the directors we will listen

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12/04/2010 15:55:00

oh it's an idea that administrators should think about, because when I see the points earned now it will take years and years before they can afford gifts and everyone can not afford to buy credits to increase the account of their madpoints and even though I know players who play every day and buying credits for several years and have not yet been able to choose in the most beautiful lots given the points that you have to accumulate

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