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Subject :yams
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10/02/2010 13:51:49

(devil)Hello Webmaster.
I am the 2004 French Yahms champion (with 1 "H").
That you have lowered the quota of madwin points on this game since yesterday, okay, I admit it, but, and I have proof, that you have reprogrammed the dice rolls to increase the difficulties, that is making fun of the world!!!!
I would like the other participants to express their opinions on this subject before you answer it, because I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed this phenomenon. I thought your game was fun before, it's painful today. Sincerely

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10/02/2010 18:21:19

Hello 🙋

Regarding the modification of MadPoints, I do not return to it but indeed there was one in recent days!

On the other hand, concerning the rolls of dice, after checking with the team, no modification was made to the game! Can you give us more specific information that would allow us to * maybe * understand what could have happened?

Good games!
The Web'

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12/02/2010 08:56:30

Yeah! it's still weird, I do not see the team madwin increase the difficulties on a game.


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12/02/2010 08:53:02

I agree with Sablonais, I play regularly yam in tournament, and here it is the height we are clamped on the points and on the roll of the dice

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12/02/2010 11:35:19

slide to write:
Yeah! it's still weird, I do not see the team madwin increase the difficulties on a game.


all the better for you if all goes well Diapositive maybe do not you wish party of the players of the yam so you can not judge and understand our point of view if you do not play there

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