Player kirko posted a message on 05/09 17:39 on the MadLotto Forum: mad point in the tic-tac window. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  mad point in the tic-tac window
09/09/2008 16:50:55

Hello Kirko,

you can accumulate your madpoints for redeemed for Prizes in store.

Your madpoints stay in your profile for life. i.e. there is no time limit.

if not you have another possibility of spending for your madpoints it is to redeem them for Rounds in the game of the month.
(1 Round -> 10 000 points)

05/09/2008 17:39:04

Hi, do

we have to exchange the mad points earned in the tic-tac windows for one of the Prizes offered or can we keep them on our account?

thank you

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