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Subject :ranking
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05/04/2008 14:48:27

I would like to know if for the game PARIMOTS the free games played with options are counted for the ranking which would explain the big difference in points between the players.
Thank you for your answer.
Fabbie 31

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10/04/2008 23:46:57

Hello Fabbie

I can not tell you if these parts count with options ...

But the day I write this message the first is at 3700 points, we are Thursday, so it has 45 games in all on this game since the beginning of the challenge

I myself do almost all the time, without any option between 85 and 100 points, if you do the calculation it would do me about 3825 madpoints ... Biensure must hold the distance ...

So even without these options you can do it! I wish you good luck

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