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Subject :Question
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16/09/2006 13:29:11

how to make a lot of money without having credit

answer please (pink)

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20/09/2006 18:51:15

well a huge patience but alor huge, but without laughing madwin with a minimum of investment and patience you win jackpots very easily without paying more than their market value quite the contrary.

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21/09/2006 18:28:37

or if you can play diaboloto you have a free part per day.😉

and if not a small question for the web is that a person has already won the jackpot with 6 numbers?

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21/09/2006 19:20:38

oh that's a very good question! 😉
well from webmaster's memory, no one has won the 6 numbers.
we have quite often winners at 5 numbers!

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