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Subject :More madpoints
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05/07/2006 13:05:08

can you help me how to earn more points
I talk to all the madwin winners and all the good souls on the computer because I only earn 3000 points
please help me please help me:wave::wave:

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11/07/2006 21:58:16

How do you want help?
I too would like more points but hey ... it is slow to be (very) patient!

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12/07/2006 15:26:32

To earn madpoints hyper quickly, you just need to buy credits.
All free games are also available through credits and they multiply your points super fast (currently, I have about 750 000 madpoints)
Playing on sperm whales or wanted or eldorado can give you a lot of points in one click (ex: 25 000 or 500 pts) and see very beautiful gifts (I won the sperm whale booty and I chose a detacher ultra sounds) ๐Ÿ˜‰
The gifts you win can be exchanged for madpts (ex: a DVD against 53 000 pts, ...)
Good luck for the harvest of madpoints, but still pay attention to your expenses because it goes very quickly
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